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Comprehensive import service from China with R2 Invest

R2 Invest is an experienced importer from China that has been operating on the European market for many years. The company offers a comprehensive import service, including intermediation in finding suitable products and suppliers,
forwarding of goods and support with customs clearance.

What distinguishes R2 Invest?

Wide network of contacts in China:
Thanks to many years of activity on the Chinese market, R2 Invest has an extensive network of contacts with producers and suppliers. This allows you to quickly and effectively find suitable products at competitive prices.

Import experience:
As R2 Invest, we have been importers from China to the European market for many years. We have been importing goods from China on our own account since 2007 and therefore we have unique industry experience.
We know all the procedures and formalities related to this process, which ensures efficient and trouble-free order execution.

Wide product range:
R2 Invest offers access to over 10,000 products from over 200 suppliers. If a product is not available in the offer, the company will find it based on the photo and description.

Negotiations with the Chinese manufacturer:
Negotiating prices, order processing time and other aspects of the transaction.

Production audit:
Pre-shipment quality inspection of goods is a key element of the supply chain that ensures that goods meet specified requirements and specifications.

Forwarding of goods:
We make every effort to find the cheapest sea or rail freight.

Customs clearance support:
We prepare all necessary documents needed for import clearance.

Customer support and care:
R2 Invest provides its clients with comprehensive support at every stage of the import process.
We make sure that the customer is kept informed about the progress of the order and can obtain the necessary assistance at any time.

Thanks to the comprehensive support of R2 Invest, importing from China becomes simple and hassle-free. The client can focus on developing his business, and we will take care of all the details related to the import of goods.

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